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Panda Lab

Branding + Art Direction 


Pandalab provides individuals the opportunity to preserve their memories through both traditional and digital photography formats. With the convenience of both in-store and online ordering options, Pandalab ensures that photo development is easily accessible to everyone.


Panda Lab is a distinguished photo lab that marries traditional expertise with contemporary innovation. Established in 1983, we have been dedicated to delivering superior black & white processing and printing services. Evolving with the digital era, our range now includes cutting-edge color printing, image enhancement, film processing, and more. We pride ourselves on seamlessly blending classical photographic training with modern technology, ensuring a visual difference in every product, from traditional prints to the latest archival giclee reproductions. At Panda Lab, our passion extends beyond technical excellence; we embrace the joy, wonder, and satisfaction derived from creating art with diverse cameras.

Primary Logo


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Brand Story

What do we do and how do we do it?

Panda Lab provides top-notch traditional black & white processing and printing, expanding into digital services like color printing, image enhancement, and film processing.

Who are we here for?

We cater to demanding professionals, commercial clients, and discerning amateurs who seek high-quality photo lab services.


What makes us different?

Our unique blend of traditional expertise and digital adaptation sets us apart. We offer a visible difference in every product, from small proofs to large exhibition-grade prints.


What do we value?

We value the joy of creating art with any camera, from basic to digital. Preserving photographic history through restoration services and saving precious images is at our core.


What's our personality?

Our personality is a mix of traditional roots and forward-thinking. We are passionate about all forms of photography, committed to preserving its art and history while embracing evolving technologies.



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Precision in Pixels, Excellence in Print

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“Savor The Frames, Revel In The Memories”

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